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Since the dawn of time humans have been competing with each other in different made up competitions. In later years these competitions has left the fields and have moved indoors and evolved into a couple of psychological mind games were playing cards are used as tools to beat your opponent.
How it all began
In the beginning most of the competitions were of physical nature and often involved different measures in strength and speed. Now, thousands of years later, strength and quickness aren't longer the most important attributes. Intelligence, designing and scheming are now the most important components to have to win your opponent over. No longer does the contests contain bows and arrows but the base of the material are still often the same, wood. This natural material has since animals started to build their first nests with it been used to shelter, heaten and kill people. Now, many years later, the society that hosts the Digital Club Fest uses it in deck of cards to battle each other and contenders in a enviroment similar to a war room. History starts here.
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